Wouldn’t it be nice if we always got our worth from the right place? Throughout the course of our day we interact with our spouses, go to our jobs, lead meetings, meet with clients, hang out with friends, play games with our kids, coach soccer and the list goes on and on. Each of these arenas of our life are areas where we can get our value and worth. However, each of these areas have something in common; they are all man-made.

This morning, Chris Lucorto encouraged us at MLN to never seek to find our value or worth in the things of this world, because the things of the world will always fall short. God desires each of us to find our meaning and purpose in knowing Him. When we are able to do that, we then see all the compartments of our lives as opportunities to please God.

As men, we desire to work hard and make a difference through our careers, but our work is not the totality of who we are! Our work is an opportunity to fulfill our calling. Sometimes, when we think about fulfilling our calling, we are afraid to step out and take risk and do what God has called us to do because we are afraid of failing.

Each time we allow those fears to win-out in our lives, we are saying that God does not have our best interest in mind and we are seeking to find our worth from things we can control or manage, opposed to trusting that God is always at work in and through us.

The true test and measure of a follower of Christ is not in the things he does, but the love he shows to all of those around him. May the desire of our hearts be, all the days we live, to get our worth from God and to help others along in the same journey!


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