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Leadership Lessons From Sports

What We Heard: 

If there was a clear theme in this MLN interview, it was the difference between faith-based and fear-based decision making. In order to operate in life [work, family, leadership, ministry, etc.] from a place of faith and not fear, it takes a few core essentials. Jason identified those as prayer, scripture [Word], and community.

Growing up, Jason excelled in basketball. He had a passion for the game and a skill set that allowed him the opportunity to play for Vanderbilt University. His support system at home wasn’t limited to family or team mates but included a local church.

Sports commitments and church consistency can be at odds sometimes and that conflict left a thick-skinned impression in Jason’s life, one that would both heal and leave a powerful leadership investment in the man he would become. On the court, passion and practice translated into a career built on principles of consistency.

What It Means:

This particular MLN interview was laced with [Tweetable] nuggets that we can easily apply to whatever arena of life our leadership needs the most growth.

  1. If we can live our lives by one principle, perhaps “Make Others Better” would be a good one. The heartbeat of MLN is to make us better leaders who ultimately make others better men and better leaders.
  2. Prayer. Word. Community. Enough said, right? Actually, there is more. A tip for the guy burdened by the thought of leading grand prayers at home each night: keep it simple. Identify one thing, one person, one need to pray for and lead well through that.
  3. Regarding the Word, it’s food for us. You may not always remember what you ate three weeks ago, but if you’re here and healthy…you know that you ate.
  4. We can never be so arrogant to assume we know our kids better than God. He made them. We can never think we know what is best for them.
  5. Life will be full of disappointments. An identity in anything other than Christ will cause you to crumble under the weight of failure. In Christ, we can have confidence.

Leadership nuggets like these are lessons to live by and apply to life. Identify one and focus on it this week. Then gravitate toward another and build healthy habits into your life one by one.

What We Do Next:

Eric Liddell (played by Ian Charlson) in Chariots of Fire famously said, “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” To a degree, that’s what Jason felt as a high school kid shooting all hours of the day. A passion for practice didn’t just hone his skills and take him to the Sweet 16. A passion for practice gave him a daily opportunity to praise and worship God. That’s where the difference between what we’re good at and what God made us for meet. When we see our gifts, passions, experiences, and even opportunities through the lense of God’s purpose and an identity in Christ, that’s worship. And worship makes us better men and better leaders.

MLN Resources:

Many books have been penned about the life of Eric Liddell. This one was written by Liddell himself. The Disciplines of the Christian Life is an outline for Liddell’s pattern of discipleship. At its foundation is a daily Bible reading plan. Learn more.

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