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What We Heard: 

Men love movies. While working at Lifeway leading men’s ministries, Jason began partnering with the director of Lifeway film. Branching out and launching Engage was an opportunity to connect with churches, tell stories, and support faith-based films. Most recently, Jason was able to participate as an executive producer for “The Price of Fame,” based on the life of Ted Dibiase [WWF Million Dollar Man]. Dibiase became the “million dollar man” in his personal life too, recklessly living on the edge and nearly losing his family. “Once Ted was anchored in a relationship with Christ, Ted began a ministry of preaching.” His is a story of redemption worth telling because it connects with our human proclivity to sin and our ultimate need for a savior.

“Joseph would not have had the palace without the prison or the pit.” Our greatest challenge as men is to say to God in every story [especially our darkest parts], “Father, you’ve got this,” and then to trust that God’s plan is good and that it will come to fruition.

What It Means:

No matter what, God has called me to do [ministry or business], God has given us a primary responsibility as husbands and fathers to pour into family and direct the lives of our kids to Christ. Regardless of his connection to the film industry, Jason knows the value of prioritizing his role as faith-leader in the home. That said, his ministry footprint is helping great faith-based films go farther, thereby impacting more lives. Media is a double edged sword. It can be a powerful tool or a dangerous weapon. Garbage in; garbage out. For us as men, it matters what we feed ourselves. With the onslaught of damaging media overwhelming our lives, it’s important for Jason and others in his industry to see more positive, Christ-honoring stories made available.

What We Do Next:

Films are an opportunity to take the message of hope to places where people aren’t being engaged and reached. As men, we can leverage the effectiveness of faith-based films by seeing the movies and inviting others in our lives to tag along. A post-movie conversation about a film’s content might be the open door to a gospel presentation. Paul called us to use any means available to share the truth of Jesus. Men like movies. Why not leverage such a powerful medium to share the most powerful story?

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