What We Heard:

A waypoint is a stop along a journey. There are so many moments that, over the course of life, become waypoints. In real estate, buying and selling homes, relocating, expanding, downsizing, and others are all considerable waypoints that signal changes in our journey. Spiritually speaking, we have waypoints as well. Growing up Catholic, his infant baptism accompanied by the firsts [communion, confession, etc.] were waypoints for Matt but didn’t necessarily create a depth in his personal relationship with Christ. Matt and his wife, Kim first got involved at Rolling Hills by serving on the launch team for the Nolensville (formally South Nashville) Campus, near their home.
Believer’s baptism became a way for Matt to realign his life and say to God, “I’m in this.” He was the first baptism celebrated at the South Nashville campus. According to Matt, he felt rebirth and personal transformation in that water and experienced another waypoint in his journey, with more to follow. Kim began to see the change, as Matt made the next step in his faith. Matt has two sons, and is setting a spiritual example in their lives.  Serving, leading and equipping are new waypoints in Matt’s spiritual journey.
Shortly after Matt began taking significant spiritual steps, his older brother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Things progressed quickly, and as close as he was to his brother, religion wasn’t a subject they broached. Matt began praying over his brother and shared Christ with him. Matt credits God’s power through the prayers and support of his Community Group for strength during those final moments. “We can’t do it alone.”
Switching gears: Kim has fulfilled the role of spiritual leader in the home for years. It was a deferred role. One of Matt’s spiritual growth transitions was to become the spiritual leader in his own family. Together, they know the value of creating and sustaining a healthy spiritual life in their family. Why? The reason is,

“We love our family. We owe it to our family. We need to set the example.”

What It Means:

Matt was put there to set the table for God to come into his brother’s life…just before he passed. A willingness to share Christ with others was unleashed. Many of us struggle to share Christ with anyone, but especially family. With the people we are closest to, we want to avoid a divide or a rift in these significant relationships. There is a greater weight to the fear of rejection with family. In terms of readiness, part of sharing our faith is keeping our eyes open and paying attention to the doors God opens. Even in social media, as Matt reconnects with friends from the past, he’s noticing opportunities to a take risk and seize spiritual conversations. Matt sums up his own legacy, desiring to be remembered as a spiritual leader and man who loved God and others, but also as someone who wasn’t always those things. Why? Because he is proof that a man can change. God can change us. He desires his legacy to paint a picture of what it looks like for God to change a man. It can happen for us too.

What We Do Next:

Start by examining our own relationships and determine ways we can start spiritual conversations and share Christ with others. Examine your own support group. Matt’s interview was an infomercial for the value of Community Groups. If you’re looking to be part of a group, contact Groups Minister, Laura Chapman. January will be here before we know it and is a great entry point into a group. It’s a growth engine. It’s a support system. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be…community.

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The greatest story we could ever share is Christ’s story. It’s why we call it the “good news.” Here’s a book to help us do that more readily and effectively. “Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out” by Alvin Reid. Learn more.

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