Be Prepared for Conflict in Marriage | Rodney Wilson

  What We Heard: Rodney Wilson, Pastoral Counselor at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN, reminds us that marriage takes work! There WILL be conflict. It’s not a question of ‘if’ it will happen but instead ‘how’ will we respond when it does happen. Married couples will face issues on many

Tips on Dating Your Wife | Tressa Gibbs

The Importance Of Loving Well What We Heard: The daily monotony of life can get in the way of investing in your marriage, but the truth is, every relationship deserves time and dating your wife shouldn’t end after your wedding day, or be limited to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. What It Means: Make

Fighting for your Marriage | Bobby Gibbs

Our role as husband is one of the greatest blessings we get to experience as men. It can also be one of our greatest challenges. Lets face it, men and women are wired differently. We like to distance ourselves emotionally and, when things do go wrong, our natural response is

How to Have a Great Marriage | Kim Anderson

In Week 7 of our Men’s Leadership Network Breakfasts, Jeff Simmons talks with professional life coach and counselor Kim Anderson about what it takes to have a great marriage from a woman’s perspective. This is a great broadcast that can help any guy learn some essential skills to help improve

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