Creating a Christ-centered Culture | Jason Crockarell

What We Heard: Jason Crockarell reminded us this morning that no matter what your career, how big your business gets or what opportunities lie ahead, that true success is measured by serving others and having a willingness to take steps of faith. Jason, the founder of Flavor Catering, one of

100 Layers of Leadership | Isaac Meek

I have never met a doughnut I didn’t like and the tasty creations of Five Daughters Bakery are no exception. In fact, if you are reading this and were not at one of the physical sites this morning for MLN, we enjoyed a doughnut in your honor. Isaac Meek, the

Redefining Leadership | Harold Pinto

What We Heard:  Success in the business world is measured by achievements or metrics, predominantly financial in nature. Individual goals are tied to a person’s contributions to overall business goals. Viewing those goals with a spiritual lens begins with the recognition that you don’t accomplish any of your goals on

Spiritual Leadership in Professional Sports | Mike Fisher

What We Heard: Growing up in a home with Christian parents, Mike accepted Christ at a young age. He grew up playing hockey, like most young boys in Canada, and early in his career he found success. But, with success came temptation. After several years of living a life of

Every Day Matters | Tim Burke

Jeff Simmons talks with Tim Burke about how every day matters. Tim Burke, after having been diagnosed with stage four cancer, decided to use his platform to share the power of Christ. Circumstances can often negatively impact the way we lead others, but we have the opportunity to rise above

Integrity in the Workplace | Mayor Ken Moore

MLN Sept. 10, 2016, in 300 Words Interview: Franklin, TN Mayor Ken Moore @mayorkenmoore What We Heard: Meeting challenges is about planning ahead. Listening matters…listening to God’s call and to the people around us. Don’t let choices and decisions become too heavy. The challenges we face are never the end

How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance | Marty Dickens

Jeff Simmons talks with Marty Dickens…former president of AT&T, Chairman of the Board for Belmont University, and prominent business leader in Nashville…about what he’s learned in his own busy life to maintain a balance between work and home. Follow us:

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