Sharing Christ with a Family Member | Matt Burhart

What We Heard: A waypoint is a stop along a journey. There are so many moments that, over the course of life, become waypoints. In real estate, buying and selling homes, relocating, expanding, downsizing, and others are all considerable waypoints that signal changes in our journey. Spiritually speaking, we have

Be Prepared for Career Growth | Chris LoCurto

Wouldn’t it be nice if we always got our worth from the right place? Throughout the course of our day we interact with our spouses, go to our jobs, lead meetings, meet with clients, hang out with friends, play games with our kids, coach soccer and the list goes on

100 Layers of Leadership | Isaac Meek

I have never met a doughnut I didn’t like and the tasty creations of Five Daughters Bakery are no exception. In fact, if you are reading this and were not at one of the physical sites this morning for MLN, we enjoyed a doughnut in your honor. Isaac Meek, the

Spiritual Leadership in Professional Sports | Mike Fisher

What We Heard: Growing up in a home with Christian parents, Mike accepted Christ at a young age. He grew up playing hockey, like most young boys in Canada, and early in his career he found success. But, with success came temptation. After several years of living a life of

What is the Goal in Life? | Steve Norris

Jeff Simmons talks with Steve Norris about what the goal in life is. Steve Norris is the President and Board Chair and full-time volunteer of 4:13 Strong, an organization that exists to help disadvantaged men find full-time employment in the construction industry. Follow us:

Every Day Matters | Tim Burke

Jeff Simmons talks with Tim Burke about how every day matters. Tim Burke, after having been diagnosed with stage four cancer, decided to use his platform to share the power of Christ. Circumstances can often negatively impact the way we lead others, but we have the opportunity to rise above

Vulnerability in Leadership | Mike Hamilton

Jeff Simmons talks with Mike Hamilton about vulnerability in leadership. Mike Hamilton serves as Executive Director of Show Hope. Hamilton also founded and works with Winfred-Henry Partners, focusing on Non-Profit Consulting and Executive Coaching. Prior to his appointment at Show Hope, Mike served two terms on Show Hope’s board while

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