Be Prepared for Tragedy | Brad Dennis

What We Heard:  Dr. Brad Dennis, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, has dedicated his career to educating other medical professionals and the non-medical public. He is passionate about teaching skills in an effort to limit the tragedy of preventable death due to trauma. Brad is also

Be Prepared for Conflict in Marriage | Rodney Wilson

  What We Heard: Rodney Wilson, Pastoral Counselor at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN, reminds us that marriage takes work! There WILL be conflict. It’s not a question of ‘if’ it will happen but instead ‘how’ will we respond when it does happen. Married couples will face issues on many

Be Prepared for Career Growth | Chris LoCurto

Wouldn’t it be nice if we always got our worth from the right place? Throughout the course of our day we interact with our spouses, go to our jobs, lead meetings, meet with clients, hang out with friends, play games with our kids, coach soccer and the list goes on

Be Prepared to Lead Where Called | Bill Lee

What We Heard: Even in the face of devastating personal tragedy, Bill continued to learn about spiritual leadership. One developing growth curve for Bill was learning that if the leader isn’t in a good place personally, overall leadership suffers. Leading others starts with leading yourself. For Bill, the goal of

Be Prepared: The Stakes Are High | Bryce Drew

What We Heard:  In sports (as in life’s other arenas) there are extreme highs and extreme lows. Proper perspective concerning what’s next keeps you going through the emotional ups and downs. Great games and bad moments never mean the ones that follow will be the same. Winning and losing are

Tips on Dating Your Wife | Tressa Gibbs

The Importance Of Loving Well What We Heard: The daily monotony of life can get in the way of investing in your marriage, but the truth is, every relationship deserves time and dating your wife shouldn’t end after your wedding day, or be limited to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. What It Means: Make

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